In the past few years, EVA Stable Mats have became popular in the market. More and more users start to forgo the traditional solid rubber stable mats, and switch to use EVA Stable Mats in their stables.

There are many companies start to put EVA Stable Mats in their products line, this trend also appears in America market.  If you have an understanding in this market, you know all horse stable mats (they named as horse stall mats)  in U.S. market are all solid rubber in the past many years, but now it has changed somewhat. At least four companies have started selling EVA Stable Mats now, and the number will continue to increase in the future.

So, why EVA Stable Mats are popular in the market?

First of all, EVA Stable Mats are lightweight, since they are made from durable EVA material you would normally find on the soles of a pair of trainers or flip flops. Therefore, EVA Stable Mats are much lighter at approximately one fifth of the weight of traditional solid rubber stable mat. This mean that you can easy to install, move or carry it. unlike traditional rubber stable mats where it is often a two-person job to move it for cleaning.

interlocking eva horse stable mats

Second, EVA Stable Mats are more flexible and more comfort than traditional rubber stable mats. The main reason is its material,  since it is made from EVA material, which is a durable, environmentally-friendly and flexible elastomeric polymer, it can withstand heavy footfall while providing better therapeutic cushioning for horse’s muscles and joints, and softer than rubber Shock Absorbing. It can reduces pain for horses with joint injuries and rehabilitates leg soreness, perfect for young and recovering horses.

Thirdly, EVA Stable Mats are thermal insulation. It means that these mats can keep more heat in your stables and make it more warmer in the bitter winter, this will help your horse feel warmer in its room. Also in the summer, these mats can help to block the hot weather and keep it cool for longer in the stable. On the contrary, traditional rubber stable mats don’t have these advantages.

These mats can keep its soft in the bitter winter, unlike traditional rubber stable mats which will get very hard in the cold weather. It means that rubber stable mats can’t supply warm and comfort for your horses, and you have to buy more horse clothes and more shavings for your stable floor!

Fourthly, EVA Stable Mats can help you reduce your bedding cost and save much your money! It’s an important thing for you! EVA Stable Mats are  cheaper than traditional rubber stable mats, and can help you save bedding cost, and reduce some cost of treatment for your horse, as well as have a long service life!

After you finish reading the above introduce, you will know why more and more users like it! These stable mats can make your horse healthier and happier when they were living in their new bed! If you have just invested in a top of the range mattress for yourself, maybe it is also time to treat your faithful four legged friend to the same!

If you still use traditional solid rubber stable mats , now you should consider trying EVA Stable Mats in this cold winter! Please contact your local seller and ask if they have EVA Stable Mats in the stock. If they have, you can get them directly. If not, you can contact us by email ( or, and you also add their WhatsApp (+86-185-30152016)to talk directly