Wholesale EVA Jigsaw Mats

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Designed for martial arts training studios

The perfect floor protection solution

Easy Assembly

Lightweight puzzle pieces are easy to connect and disassemble for quick storage

Outstanding Cushioning

Soft and shock absorbent to withstand high impact grapple fighting

Easy Maintenance

Any mat can be cleaned with a non-aggressive cleaning agent.

Economical Durable

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Safe and Non-toxic

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High resilience

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Common Product Application

A product manufactured with great care, a perfect thickness for professional and intensive use, without any risk to health.

Gym Flooring

Eva Mat is an absolute must have for your gym, training centre, it can be used in high-traffic areas or fitness equipment areas, etc.

Taekwondo Flooring

This mat is suitable for all indoor sports where you train on a softened surface. Examples are kickboxing, karate, taekwondo, judo, and so on.

Home Fitness Flooring

These foam mats are also increasingly popular for home gyms, and can also create a safe children’s play areas for your chellold.

Learn more about the product details

EVA foam mats are made of virgin non-toxic EVA closed-cell foam material, which is impervious to moisture and chemicals. The mats are designed to provide a permanent or temporary cushioned shock-absorbing floor solution for a variety of mixed martial arts. 

Non Toxic and Eco-friendly

Our mats are made of high-quality virgin EVA closed-cell foam material, without any cheap and toxic recycled material. And lead-free, latex-free and phthalate-free, making them non-toxic and safe for all ages. 

Anti-slip surface design

The non-slip style textured surface provides optimal damping properties for improving grip and preventing slipping during exercise. This design balances grip with agility, ensuring it will not slow down your movements. 

Flexible and Shock Absorbing

The high density of EVA foam provides excellent cushioning & shock-absorbing to withstand high-impact sports. And it has a ‘memory’ that resets to its original shape after impact. This makes EVA mats became the best choice for mixed martial arts and gym training areas that require fall protection.

Convenient Interlocking Design

The interlocking design at the edges with precision cutting construction makes the mats fit tightly and won’t break apart even during heavy workout environment. Besides, this also makes the mats can be easily interlocked to form a large continuous surface or disassemble for storage quickly and easily.

Product Specifications

Available Colors

Reversible colors: Red/Black, Red/Blue, Gery/Black, Blue/Green, etc.

Available Anti-slip Texture

Double-T pattern, Tatami pattern, Diamond pattern, etc

Standard Thickness

10mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm.

Standard Size

100cm x 100cm, 61cm x 61cm

Standard Hardness

45 ± 3 Shore C

Mats’ Edges

Each mat comes with four interlock edges and two removable edge strips

Estimated Wholesale Costs

The wholesale cost is the total expenditure involved in buying a product and shipping charges for importing it to your warehouse, it’s made up of different charges. 

Product Cost

Getting high-quality EVA foam mats at affordable rates is the biggest upside of sourcing from China. The quality of your products is directly proportional to the price you pay.

Packaging Costs

Product Packaging is another cost to take into consideration. The packaging cost varies, depending on the materials and the quantity.

Shipping costs

Getting your products from the factory floor to your warehouse involves several costs. including the freight to loading port (in China), export clearance fee, sea freight charges (port to port), and inland transportation fee to your warehouse.

Freight Insurance

The freight insurance cost usually as low as 0.5% of the freight cost. However, it is of some significance when calculating the Customs duties. As such, we decided it’s worth mentioning.

Import Duties and Other Taxes

Imports from China are in most cases subject to import duties. Besides, the other miscellaneous charges includes VAT, brokers fees, harbor fees, etc. You can get all the information from your custom broker about the charges, which you must know.

Estimate Order Lead Time

Very rarely will a manufacturer carry inventory and most goods are made to order, so you must plan. From the order is placed until the estimated date of receipt, it’s divided into four lead times.

Manufacturing process time (15~20 working days)

It's the total time required to manufacture foam mats, including order preparation time, queue time, production time, inspection time, and packaging time.

Delivery lead time (3~5 days)

Usually, the goods arrive at the port on the same day they leave the factory, and are loaded on board and depart within 3 days. A few ports require two days' advance arrival.

Sea freight time (7~30 days)

The sea freight is the popular option and the most cost-effective shipping method. International shipments can vary between 1-4 weeks depending on your location, customs, and the shipping carrier selected.

Customs Clearance & Logistics (2~5 workding days)

You need to prepare paperwork, deal with the customs, customs duties and arrange transport from port to final destination. You can ask a professional agent to handle these matters for faster clearance and delivery.

Remarks: We aim to be as accurate as possible. But, during peak periods, we may require a little more time. Hope you can understand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thing to bear in mind when purchasing your mats

Can the mats be used outdoor?

For the most part yes, however outdoor conditions such as sunlight, large temperature changes, and precipitation will cause your foam mats to break down faster than when used indoors. Also while mats can be used outdoors, the warranty will be voided since we cannot guarantee our foam floor products outdoors for an entire year.

Do I need to use an adhesive?

The foam mats normally do not typically need to be glued down, just lock together and use. For additional rigidity, duct tape the seam backs, and then possibly glue or tape them down for stability. Gluing is HIGHLY recommended in applications such as aggressive activities, wall to wall application or for large installations.

How do you clean the foam mats?

We recommend soap and water to clean EVA foam mats, though other cleaning solutions should work fine. For mats that have ground in dirt, we use a warm/hot water detergent solution. If the mats have an oily residue, we generally use a dish soap solution. For light cleanups, we recommend wet rag or mop, which works pretty well.

Will trade show equipment damage the foam mats?

Anything that concentrates weight on small areas will leave a permanent indentation mark on the mat's surface, for example, chair or table legs, and high-heeled shoes. Heavier items will compress the foam as well, and leave a visible indentation in the mats. Depending on weight distribution the mat may pop back some, but not completely.

How to custom fit the mats exactly in a room?

EVA Foam mats can be trimmed using a utility knife and a straight-edge for a wall-to-wall installation. We recommend that you leave about a 1/2 inch space between the edge of the mat and the wall, to allow some room for the mat to expand.

Are your mats compatible with mats that I've bought from other companies?

Because different manufacturers use different cutting dies, there is no guarantee that even mats that look very similar can be used universally. For the mat to have a chance to work, the key thing to look for is the interlocking tooth of each edge.

Yes, we do send out samples upon request. If required, we are happy to send out a mat for trail, too.

We hope that you place an order of at least 100 pcs for each color or size. Otherwise, frequent mold changes are required during production, which can cause production downtime and low productivity.

The answer is yes, and we have many clients who do just that of them. One client once purchased 18 different sizes and colors of foam mats in his 40ft container.

Mats are packed in hessian bags, 10 per bag for 20mm , 30mm and 5 for 40mm.

Besides, we also provide carton packaging with custom printed marks, each carton size is 103cm x 103cm. 

The main terms of payment we accept at present are T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) with 30% deposit and balance against the copy of B/L. 

In the future, we will provide as many payment options as possible

If you are ordering larger volumes, we do offer a discount to our wholesale customers. Discounts vary depending on the quantity of foam mats that you order from us. But, 

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer dropshipping at this stage, hope you can understand.

The best way is that you request a quotation from your freight forwarder. Shipping costs can change on a daily or weekly basis. Freight forwarders require the following information before they can provide a quotation.

  • Total cargo volume (cbm)
  • Total weight (kgs)
  • Port of loading
  • Port of destination
  • Insurance (Yes / No)
  • Trade terms (i.e., FCA or FOB)
  • Delivery terms (i.e., DAT or DAP)

As such, the final freight cost can only be ‘confirmed’ once the products are manufactured and packed. That said, you can still get an estimate.

The value of your shipment determines how much duty or taxes are assessed on your shipment. In general, duties and VAT are calculated as a percentage of the customs value of your goods. If there are any tariffs involved with your HS codes, they will be directly added on your duties.

As soon as your order ships, we’ll send you an email with the detailed tracking info. And we will also send you reminders before the ship arrives at your port.

Since we literally make every item to order, cancellations can be very problematic for us, especially they’re custom-made foam mats. 

As such, our policy is that if you cancel an order, there will be a 20% restocking fee. However, if the order is canceled before the official production starts, we will refund 100%.

Besides, please know we consider our customers our partners, and your success is our success. Please reach out to us, so we can better understand what has happened, and we will work with you to make a challenging situation better for all of us.

Usually, we do not provide refunds or accept returns on orders unless there is damage in transit or a product is defective. Let us know about damage within 7 days of arrival and provide photo evidence so we can work with our carriers to claim insurance.

Of course, if you are not happy with the product we encourage you to reach out and let us know your issues. We are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied. All we ask is that we work together as partners and communicate openly to assure the outcomes are mutually beneficial.

There are no permits required for importing products from China unless you are bringing in hazardous or restricted materials. 

Generally speaking, importing mats from China is subject to customs duties, unless the value of your goods is less than the amount of customs duty.

However, some countries have relevant trade agreements with China and can enjoy zero tariffs, such as  The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA). You can consult your customs brokerage agent for this  information.

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