Who Are You

My Name is Tong Tung, I’m an expert in the floor mat industry with 12 years of experience.  I founded this small floor mat company in July 2021. in EVA mats industry, previously known as Focus Manufacturing Enterprise Limited and SunShine Mats Limited (founded in 2010). Sunshine Mats was a small business that began selling foam mats and rubber mats in China.

With 12 years of rich experience
Very familiar with the supply-side market

How it All Started

Our story began 8 years ago when I was working for a company in Qingdao China as a salesman, my main job was selling solid rubber mats and rubber sheets to the North America. One day, I received an email from a horse owner from Iowa named Molly, she said she want to buy several pieces of comfort softer horse mats for her horse with rheumatoid arthritis in the winter, but she found nothing but heavy solid rubber mats or  dogbone rubber pavers in the market, she was very disappointed. By chance, she saw my information from Google and wroten a email to us and ask if we can suuply a lighter, softer and more flexible horse mats for her horses with joint diseases (I believed she sent emails to different manufacturers at that time). Due to we don’t have similar mats and had to refuse her. This makes me feel guilty for not helping her horse.

When Things Changed

The story does not end ther. One day when I was buying shoes at a shoe store, I was suddenly inspired by the material on the soles, why not try the material of soles? It’s lightweight, softer and durable. This sudden inspiration made me excited. At the same time, (on Augest 9th, 2015) I received an E-mail from Mr. Andrews, United Kingdom, Mr. Andrews is an extremely experienced specialist and entrepreneur in this industry, he asked me if can supply better EVA horse mats and discussed how to do this kind of new mats over the next few months.

when I left this company a year later, I spent some time to visit more than twenty manufacturers to look for a better solution for horse mats, but it was failed. No one wants to spend their time and energy on a product with uncertain market prospect, it is a risk for them. No one supported my idea and my friends also advised me several times to give up it. I was frustrated.

My Goals

As you know, no road is always smooth. We also experienced a lot of setbacks and bring a lot of loss to the customer. For example, our previous outsourcing factory to save their costs, they privately changed the proportion of ingredients and caused several serious quality problems. It brought serious problems for our customers. Not only the loss of money, more serious is the harm of business reputation. Therefore, we had to change the outsourcing factory and improve the solution of quality control