Safety Garden Play Mats

Safety Garden Play Mats are great for using as safety mats around swings sets and outdoor play equipments, because the mats provides a soft cushioned surface to absorb any impact and protect children if they fall, and the holes in the tiles allow any water or fluids to drain easily away to stop them getting slippery when wet.

The mats have interlocking edges to securely fit together and come with attachable side panels for a smoother, cleaner look. As well as using them as safety mats, they’re great for placing around a motor home so that you don’t slip over when you step outside. You can also use them as a pathway across decking or as a perimeter around a garden pool.

These mats are also ideal for but not limited to:

  • Trampoline Area or Swing Sets, Caravan Awnings, Camping or Motor Homes,
  • Swimming Pool Safety Edging, Around Childrens Slides,
  • Wet Rooms, Bath Area, Kitchen Area, Washhouse
  • Outdoor or Indoor Exhibitions, etc.
Garden Safety Play mats
Garden Safety Play mats
Garden Safety Play mats

Features and Advantages

  • Anti-absorbent with drainage holes to stop them getting slippery when wet.
  • Lightweight design with interlocking edges to quickly and easily assemble, can be placed over almost any surface.
  • Supplied with attachable sides to create straight edges and a cleaner look.
  • These non-slip, anti-fatigue mats are extremely comfortable yet durable and can be laid in minutes
  • Environmentally Friendly, the holes allow grass to absorb sunlight and grow through.
  • Safety Garden Play Mats are lightweight, portable and a great alternative to heavy and bulky rubber grass mats.

Product Specifications

  • Material :  Non-toxic virgin EVA closed-cell foam material
  • Standard Size : 61cm x 61cm x12mm Thick ( 24″ x 24″ x 12mm Thick )
  • Available Color : Black, Grey, Green, Red. Customized available
  • Standard Hardness : Approx 45 degrees shore C
  • Anti-slip Texture : Top surface has double-T shaped texture and bottom is smooth
  • Interlocking Edges : Each mat comes with four interlock edges and two detachable edging strips.
  • Carton Package: 4 pcs/set, 4 sets or 8 sets/carton, common Shrinking Bag
Garden Safety Play mats

Please Note :

  • If the mats do get something spilled on them or appear dirty, all that is necessary to clean them is to do a quick wipe of the foam floor surface with a damp cloth.
  • When piecing interlocking tiles together, adhesives are usually not used since the weight of the locked together product is usually enough to keep the floor tiles from moving. However, if you do experience movement and would like to ensure that the tiles do not slide at all, some double-sided tape or mat tape can be used around the perimeter of the installation to prevent any movement.