Dogbone Rubber Pavers

The classic dogbone rubber pavers are one of the first shapes to be produced from recycled tire rubber that are bound by a MDI polyurethane binder. Rubber Interlocking pavers are made in such a way that they are virtually indestructible. They are fully elastic, weather proof, water permeable, frost proof, durable and slip resistant.

Also known as the I-Paver or Bow Tie paver, this interlocking style can be adapted to nearly any type of application. Rubber Pavers are excellent for barn aisles, walking paths, wash and grooming areas, and horse-wheel-exerciser floors.

Dogbone Rubber Pavers feature two sizes to choose from. ⅞” and 1¾” thicknesses. They provide excellent traction with the utmost performance in animal safety.

Rubber Pavers
Dogbone Rubber Pavers
25mm thick Dogbone Rubber Pavers

Recommend Usages

They are ideal for various applications including the following :

  • Golf club pathways, Walkways, Driveways, Recreation areas, etc
  • Stable yards, horsewalkers, Paddock Areas, Horse Paths, Horse stable flooring, etc
  • Gym Flooring, Fitness equipment flooring, etc
  • Veterinary clinics and equine hospitals, etc.
  • Child care center, Children play areas, Kindergarten, etc.
Dogbone Rubber Pavers

Product Specifications

Shaped like a dog-bone, these rubber pavers are approximately 7 ¾” long x 6 ¼” wide with a “waist” of 4 ½ 61 ¾”. We offer the following thicknesses to fit most facility’s needs and budgets.

  • Dimension:  7 ¾” Long x 6 ¼” Wide x  ⅞” Thick (200 x 160 x 23mm Thick)
  • Weight : Approx 1.17 lb/pc
  • Coverage ; 3.42 pavers per sq. ft
  • Available Color:Standard brick red as well as hunter green and black
  • Warranty : 3-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
  • Dimension :  7 ¾” Long x 6 ¼” Wide x  1 ¾” Thick (200 x 160 x 43mm Thick)
  • Weight : Approx 2.49 lb/pc
  • Coverage ; 3.42 pavers per sq. ft
  • Available Color: Standard brick red, hunter green and black.
  • Warranty : 3-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
Interlocking Rubber Pavers

Please Note :

  • Rubber pavers are specially designed for easy handling and installation. Each paver is manufactured in the form of a 7-3⁄4” long dog-bone to interlock with adjacent pavers when installed with or without adhesives on site
  • Rubber pavers require only periodic cleaning with a water hose and sufficient water pressure to wash away dirt caught in seams and scoring.
  • A sound sub-base is critical for job completion. Excavate approximately 12 inches (300mm) of soil below the required finished level. Use either string lines or chalk markings to ensure straight lines in the necessary directions.
  • For a permeable system, replace the soil with approximately 9 inches (230mm) of compacted crushed rock and one inch (25mm) maximum of damp leveling sand, then lay the rubber pavers or tiles.
  • The impermeable system consists of a hard base (concrete or asphalt). This type base is ideal for load-bearing areas or situations withstanding heavy traffic or moving vehicles.