Provide A lightwieght and Comfortable Flooring Solution For Your Horse Stable!

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EVA Stable Mats

EVA Stable Mats are manufactured in our premium quality Cushioned Semi-Rigid EVA foam material you would normally find on the soles of a pair of trainers.  Our mats can provide the animal with a cushioned comfortable foothold during the processes of lying down and standing up, reducing muscle fatigue and reducing posible injuries, sores and animal stress.

Expanded EVA is used in flooring for animals, mats for cow cubicles comfort. EVA Stable Mats are considered one of the most comfortable on the market. As a great alternative to heavy solid rubber stable mats, EVA Stable Mats have become increasingly popular over the last few years, since they are lightweight and easy to install or remove, unlike solid rubber mats where it is often a two-person job to move mats!

Recommend Usages

  • Horse Stables Flooring, Temporary Horse Flooring, Horse Trailer flooring
  • Equine Hospitals, Veterinary Clinics, Recovery Rooms
  • Horse Stable Walls
  • Anti-Fatigue Matting, Gym Flooring, etc

Product Advantages

  • Lightweight & Easy to Install/Remove and CleaningEVA stable mats are made from a semi-rigid EVA cushioned material which is lightweight and durable. Interlocking edges allow to fit any size stables and any floor dimensions, and easier to install and disassemble for cleaning. It is an easy job for 1 person.
  • More Comfortable & Anti-Fatigue. EVA Stable mats provide excellent cushioning support for your horse’s hooves and limbs, and can reduce muscle fatigue, ease arthritic or inflamed joints, as well as reduce the pain for horses with joint injuries, rehabilitates leg soreness and reduce occurrence of capped hocks.
  • Give Excellent sound and temperature insulation. It helps to maintain optimal body temperature insulating the animal from any type of floor and from termal differences around the stable. Especially in winter, they have an excellent insulation from the cold and damp.
  • Non-absorbent and Improve Hygiene. Due to its Non-porous and Non-absorbent structure, it completely impervious to urine and don’t absorb moisture, ammonia or bacteria, so very easy to wash, clean and disinfect, preventing any posible bacteria growth.
  • Save Your Bedding Cost, Time And Labor. There is up to a 50% reduction in bedding used in horse stables which have non-absorbent mats. Less bedding means less work and lower costs! Cut muck out time in half and use 50% less shavings, thereby drastically reducing stable maintenance!

Anti-Slip Pattern Texture (Top)

Teardrop Shaped Anti-Slip Texture
Diamond Shaped Anti-Slip Texture
Bubble Shaped Anti-Slip Texture

Product Specifications

  • Material : A Cushioned Semi-Rigid EVA Foam Material
  • Density : 130-150 kgs/CBM
  • Available Color : Black or Green
  • Standard Hardness : 65 +/- 5 Shore C
  • Texture( top) : Teardrop, Diamond or Bubble-Top Shaped Anti-Slip Pattern on the top suface
  • Textured (underside) : Raised Disks Bottom on the reverse side allow maximum drainage and added grip

Standard Size

  • 6′ x 4′ x 24mm thick (183cm x 122cm x 24mm thick), Approx 8.50 kgs per mat
  • 6′ x 4′ x 34mm thick (183cm x 122cm x 34mm thick), Approx 12.10 kgs per mat
  • 4′ x 3′ x 24mm thick (122cm x 91cm x 24mm thick)
  • 1m x 1m x 24mm thick (Only Diamond Shaped Anti-slip Pattern)

Please Note :

  • 6ft x 4ft mat supplied dovetailed down the two 6ft lengths and come with a removable edge strip. The shorter 4 feet ends are straight edges
  • 4ft x 3ft mat has 3 x interlocking edges and come with a straight edge on the 4ft ends.
  • 1m x 1m mat has 4 interlocking edges with two removable edge strip
Interlocking EVA stable mats
Interlocking EVA stable mats
Interlocking EVA Stable Mats